Checkers – Mayville (Hyper)

Mayville, South Africa






Checkers Mayville

About this project

At EUROCONCEPTS, we are dedicated to enhancing the shopping experience for customers and boosting sales for our clients through our expert lighting solutions. One example of our successful collaboration is with Checkers Mayville Hyper, a store that conveys a premium look and feel with a huge variety of departments and products. Our specialized lighting design complements the store’s overall aesthetic and enhances the shopping experience for customers.

Our team of professionals takes every aspect into account, including the store layout, customer behavior, and brand image, to provide a solution that aligns with the client’s goals. The lighting solution implemented in Checkers Constantia has helped to enhance the clutter-free environment, wider aisles, and seamless floors that offer a more tranquil shopping experience.

As part of the FreshX store concept, our lighting design has played a significant role in providing a premium and interactive retail offering that prioritizes fresh food and convenience. We are proud to have contributed to the success of the store, and our collaboration with Checkers is a testament to our commitment to delivering unique and effective lighting solutions.

Whether it is a standard-sized store or a hyper format concept store, our approach remains the same, providing customised lighting solutions that boost sales and create a unique shopping experience for customers. Contact EUROCONCEPTS today to see how we can help transform your retail space with our expert lighting solutions.

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