Checkers – Franschhoek Foods (Award Winner)

Franschhoek, South Africa






About this project

One of our recent projects, Checkers Foods Franschhoek, was a remarkable success.
Launched in 2022, this store was awarded the best retail development and design in South Africa for the year. Our team worked diligently to design and supply lighting solutions that perfectly complemented the store’s expanded fresh food offering and solution-based convenience ranges, curated to meet specific customer needs.

The lighting design we created for Checkers Foods Franschhoek not only illuminated the products on display but also accentuated the store’s charm and style. The fruit and vegetable section, situated under the atrium, was a particular highlight. We used track and spot lighting to highlight the architectural space, allowing customers to enjoy the store’s unique ambiance while shopping.

Our approach to lighting design is simple – we aim to enhance the shopping experience by providing effective and product-oriented lighting. The result is a unique and pleasant shopping experience that leaves a lasting impression. We are proud of our work with Checkers Foods Franschhoek, which perfectly reflects our commitment to excellence and professionalism

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