Particularly in the fashion area, an ingenious mixture of coherent basic lighting and well-balanced accentuation is required. Here TOKO is just right, since this LED downlight performs both tasks with virtuosity. It is small and unobtrusive in its design. Its fresh light illuminates the room homogeneously as far as the very last corner. Thanks to the 3D facetted reflector and four beam angles, accents can also be systematically set with TOKO.

Now wireless lighting management available for low-installation modernization.

TOKO in use

TOKO creates an unobtrusive and at the same time graphic ceiling layout with a high-quality appearance. That brings calm and concentration into the area – the goods and their presentation get full attention. The recessed luminaire can in this case be selected with a beam angle of 28° to 60° – accentuations on the dot are the result. And that with only one luminaire type.

Reference template table – the classic task for a downlight. The goods change depending on the season, colours and materials need to be repeatedly re-emphasized again. Here TOKO proves its worth with its lighting quality and differentiated radiation characteristics. This luminaire simply works in an uncomplicated way all the year round and it is guaranteed to set the scenes for changing collections equally intensively and effectively.

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