Quira Plus

Lighting modernisation made easy with QUIRA PLUS: three ceiling opening dimensions – one spotlight! At the same time lighting comfort and level of performance for the recessed spotlight are to be taken for granted. QUIRA PLUS can be swivelled in to accentuate the merchandise in the sales room and at the same time it remains flush with the ceiling. And swivelled out, QUIRA PLUS reaches every high-level decoration with pinpoint accuracy.


Compact and extaordinarily versatile: the QUIRA product family provides convincing lighting scenarios. Beautifully shaped both in the swivelled-in and the swivelled-out state, it is suitabel as a downlight and also for the illumination of product walls as far as the high-level decoration.

With up to 5,000 lm, QUIRA PLUS provides for a strong appearance with all white light colour and special light colours for the fresh food area. Also in the case of modernisation the modern power package can be used without any problems. Existing recessing opening can be used quite easily for renewed mounting. A further advantage of QUIRA PLUS is its innovative fastening. The mechanism specially developed by ourselves for this luminaire markedly simplifies mounting.

Technical Specifications & Downloads