Loreto Square

LORETO combines performance with large-area, visible light and in that way is ideally qualified for representative areas such as malls or entrance areas. Three different diameters, two different light colours and three pendant lengths leave a lot of leeway for supporting the architecture. At the same time, LORETO is, with its up to 10,000 lm a real power package.


Mondrian sends greetings: whether as a square in the standard version or as a special in the rectangle – LORETO SQUARE offers itself for customized designs on the ceiling. Such an ensemble of luminaires as an aesthetic collage brings life into the surroundings. Light that can be experienced in this way artfully upgrades representative areas.

Suspended or ceiling-mounted? Both are possible with this flexi-luminaire made to measure without any problems. Particularly in the combination of both designs a special tension arises. It provides the room with a bright design that is complemented perfectly by the interior design. Visible light that fuses with the scenes set in the retail area and yet sets its own accents.

White is not always the same white. In the ACTIVE variant LORETO SQUARE makes the most varied uses of the sales area: the luminaires change the light colour temperature and mood with great precision. Simple lighting control, effective result. And an eye-catcher into the bargain.

Technical Specifications & Downloads