Small, efficient, unmistakable: the LED spotlight adapts easily to its area of use. The partly visible cooling fins enhance the plain white design. The ideal all-rounder for all applications.

Now wireless lighting management available for low-installation modernization.

KALO in use

For the clear and high-quality design language, KALO was distinguished with the coveted Red Dot Award 2019. KALO also convinced the international jury as regards the criteria degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, durability and ergonomics.

Food, Fashion, Shop – KALO is versatile. With six white light colours as well as all the special light colours for the fresh food area this spotlight makes the most of a retail area and its goods presentation.

KALO has a balanced centre of gravity. That makes itself noticed especially in the case of a suspended track. Since no matter how you swivel out the luminaires, the track is guaranteed to remain correctly in balance.

Whether high or low-ceilinged rooms, KALO is always convincing with its excellent performance: in the case of relatively high ceilings with up to 4000 lumens. And all of that with a miniaturized housing plus the choice between five reflectors, that can be changed without tools, for accentuation of the goods – what more can you want?

Technical Specifications & Downloads