With the addition of the suspended luminaire, the JUNO product family is a strong trio. The luminaire that received an award for the successful combination of design and directional lighting control supplies outstanding retail lighting in every design version. In addition, it can be used as an allrounder for the complete shop lighting: ambient lighting, assortment lighting, and aisle lighting with the TWIN variant, or accentuation of the counter and tables can also be achieved in a tailor-made manner with this luminaire. The hallmark of the JUNO, its visible and nevertheless dazzle-free light at the free-form lens, can be more directly experienced with the suspended luminaire.

Now wireless lighting management available for low-installation modernization.

JUNO in use

JUNO for all purposes: for the displays in the fruit and vegetable area the lighting jewel with the droplet-shaped free-form lens suggests itself as a suspended luminaire as well as for presenters in the fashion area. It can be provided with special light colours such as Brilliant Food or Brilliant Colour and the suspended luminaire JUNO authentically illuminates all the goods. The harmonious equipping of promoting spaces in the combination with JUNO as track-mounted spotlights is appealing. There is generally a choice of five white-light colours with up to 4000 lm for this scene-setting light with that certain something.

Cross-application lighting that attracts. With JUNO, the break or try-on gets far more than a visual upgrading. Where customers linger longer and the suspended luminaire is almost in reach, its sophisticated glare suppression proves itself once again. There is reduced luminance thanks to the Oktalite Reflector DNA behind the JUNO lens: the customer concentrates better on the goods presented or the highlights on the counter, the check-out counter, or the table. A further positive point: the current-carrying cords of the JUNO suspended luminaire are easy to adjust on the spot.

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