B.VEO Track

With B.VEO TRACK the product family is complete. What is special about this single spotlight variant is its extremely narrow housing that visually almost fuses with the power track. In that way a very uncluttered pattern of the ceiling lighting is obtained. This becomes possible through the integration of the driver into the adapter.

Now wireless lighting management available for low-installation modernization.

B.VEO TRACK in use

More understatement is not possible. B.VEO TRACK is the most elegant directional spotlight from this product family. As a luminaire it steps back even more markedly than the classic single spotlight B.VEO. Also B.VEO TRACK bringss clear, strong and focused accent light into all areas and copes with the most varied requirements easily by means of its turning and tilting spotlight head. The spotlight without ostentation is also suitable for mounting on vertical power tracks.

An ideal mixture of power and understatement: B.VEO ON supports the reduced design of present-day sales and presentation areas. The unostentatious one for the entry segment is, it goes without saying, quite easy to integrate into a smart lighting management system.

Technical Specifications & Downloads