Operating since 2006

EUROCONCEPTS specialises in developing customised lighting solutions for commercial and retail spaces. Together with our German lighting partners, OKTALITE and TRILUX, we have, since 2006, been designing and supplying lighting solutions to South Africa’s most notable retail chains and shops. Our approach is simple: to boost sales with effective, product-orientated lighting that provides a unique and pleasant shopping experience.


Everything depends on the interplay between ambient lighting and accent lighting when it is a matter of emphasising the freshness of the food in an ideal way.

Light & fashion

Atmospheric lighting creates a cosy atmosphere and shows off the high-quality products to their best advantage.

Light & automotive

Light is more than light and dark. Light creates atmosphere, underlines the character of a car dealership. It presents vehicles, accessories and the brand equally. Spark enthusiasm with a well-thought-out lighting design.

Light & shop

Create a perfect lighting concept and set highlights with the help of points of light arranged close together so that your product is presented in an optimum manner.


Georgia Gregory

Technology Officer

Rosie Price

Chief Operating Officer

Callie Stevenson

Chief Operating Officer

Julia Wade

Chief Operating Officer

Our partners


The facets of the light itself are the basis for our motivation. Light is fast, fascinating and efficient.

Trilux group

As a member of the TRILUX Group we see ourselves as single-source and supporting provider of modern light solutions that centre on the customers, their desires and concepts.